Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Just for Maggs

 Here are all the directions with pictures for the dutch oven bread. Saved forevers on my blogger, just for you.

dutch oven bread recipe on buzzfeed

about 4 cups of flour
2 cups of warm water
1 packet of yeast
sprinkle of salt

Here is the yeast proofing in 2 cups of warm water, with just a pinch of sugar on top. The water should be nice and warm to the touch, but not hot. If it's too hot to stick your fingers in, it's too hot for the yeast. Cover it up so a cold draft won't upset the top of it.

This is after about 5 minutes. You can start to see the froth on top, and it has risen a little bit. Small bubbles should be visible.

This is the yeast after 10 minutes. Noticeably risen, very frothy, and lots of bubbles coming up. If your yeast doesn't look like this, it either isn't any good, or your water was much too hot and it is not going to be able to go to work in your bread. Either give it another try with new yeast and water at the right temp, or toss it out.

Put in all but about 1 cup of the flour into your bowl (I used a large tupperware because all my bowls were dirty- lol). I also added the salt. Stir in your proofed yeast mixture, then add more flour until it is a nice dough. 

Here it is, all mixed up and ready for it's first rise. Don't forget to cover it up with plastic wrap or a kitchen towel for each rise. I also put mine in the oven to rise so it doesn't get messed around with at all.

After the first rise.

Punched down and folded over a few times with some extra flour and ready for the second rise.

After the second rise.

Rolled into a ball, the bottom gathered together, oil in the bowl.

Formed into a loaf, oiled and rising while the oven heats up (with the pan in it).

Risen and ready to go into the oven (I only put my oven at 400* for it, instead of the 450* that the recipe called for). Carefully scoop it up and put it into the hot pan.

In the hot  pan and ready to go into the oven!

After about 35-40 minutes, ready to take the top off so it can brown up.

After browning up, I don't let it get too dark because we like to toast it, which makes it even more crunchy. NOM!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Internet woes

I keep having lots of problems getting pictures to load into blogger lately. My internet is... well to put it nicely... it's not good. And that is putting it VERY nicely lol. I have some things that I'd like to post but waiting an hour or more for one picture to make it's way onto here is just a little too long for me to wait. I'll keep trying, but that's what's happening right now, and why the posts stopped for a bit. Hopefully I can get something up here soon...

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

:( no peach jelly

I was saving up all my vine peaches and the couple left over peaches we got in July to make some jelly with. It was going good, tasting delicious, and I strained it and put it back on the burner for one last boil to thicken it up. Took the dogs outside and checked the mail, and by the time I got back in the house it was burnt beyond saving :(

I'm totally bummed over it, it was the whole harvest of vine peaches. Now I'll have to wait until next year. I'm trying to convince myself to sew something to cheer myself up. I got some new fabric and this nifty little thing this last weekend.

SideWinder bobbin winder

Tony convinced me to get it because Hancock Fabrics had it on sale during their Labor Day sale. I had been eyeing it before, and I'm glad that he talked me into it. It's a pretty handy little thing, I went ahead and loaded up all but one of my bobbins with the new thread I got (was running out of most colors for awhile). It's really quick and easy to use, definitely happy with it.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Hooray! and Yum!

So I got so frustrated with the serger that I asked on the knitting and sewing forum on craigslist for advice. And the advice that the nice people who gave me very quick responses got it working! The problem was that there are actually small disks in the tension knobs that you have to literally pull the thread into, not like with a regular sewing machine where you just kind of guide it into the tension, this is like you're flossing its teeth, lol. So I gave it another go and now it's working beautifully. I'm so happy, and I was so excited the night that it started working that I whipped up this little purse just using the serger :)

Now we just need to move so the serger and the sewing machine can sit side by side and I can swap from one to the other as needed, instead of having to put one on the floor while I use the other :P It's not that big of a pain, but it would make things easier to not have to do that.

So in other news, I made these this morning:

They are chocolate cupcakes, and partway through baking I stuck a peanut butter cup in the middle of each one. Then I made delicious peanut butter frosting that I found over at Joy the Baker's site. She did a post about these cupcakes here I just used the frosting recipe, I used my own chocolate cake recipe instead (mostly because I was being lazy and didn't feel like writing down 2 recipes). Next time I think I will try out her chocolate cake recipe for them because mine stuck to the cupcake wrapper. I'm not sure why, but I'm having that happen a lot to me lately, anyone know what causes that?

Just a warning, if you like peanut butter, that frosting is so freakin delicious that you will want to just eat it all by itself. I had a couple spoonfuls left over from piping it on them, and I'll admit it.... i totally just ate the rest on it's own. It's awful, but true. It's that yummy. Now I'm wishing that I had followed Joy's picture suggestions for the frosting though... it is very very sweet and with how much I piled on I'm having a tough time convincing myself that I can handle a second lol!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Wow, so if I could write a letter to the people who decided what gets to be packaged up with a serger as your accessories I would probably tell them this:

Dear serger packaging department (or whoever does this):

Whoever decided that the little threader thing should be optional has obviously NEVER used a serger in their entire life. It should be something that comes standard, or there should at the very least be a huge warning label on the side of the box screaming at you telling you that you will probably want to go pick up this threader thing before you leave the store.

Thank you,

Anyways!! Here is what happened to me- I go through every single page of the direction booklet. It has great illustrations of exactly how everything works. Cool! I pull my serger up and try out each little thing that it does. Then we get to the threading part. Wow, 4 threads is a lot, breathe. Wait, they already threaded the machine with tiny bits of thread so you can tie your thread onto it and pull it through.... but what happens when I need to change threads or use up a spool, then I'm not going to know how to do it without a leader thread. So I decide that I will take them out and learn it. I start and am threading one of the lower threads... then in the directions all it says is to use my threader (optional) to put the thread through this tiny hole that is like under the presser foot. It's so far under there that I physically cannot get to it with my fingers, it's ridiculous. By this time at night the fabric store is closed. Super. I go through all the stuff I have trying to find wire that is thin enough so when I double it over it can still fit through this teeny tiny hole. I have none. Then I realize that I have twist ties, and they have very very skinny wire (yes, I have a small collection of twist ties, they're very useful, don't judge lol). I manage to get the wire out with the help of 2 sets of pliers, fold it in half, YAY it fits through the thing I need it to! Then one more hole after that one and it's threaded! Then by comparison the rest of the thread is so easy to wind around how it needs to.

Done! It's threaded and ready to go! Then I fiddle with the 4 crazy tension knobs for about an hour testing and comparing to the pictures in the booklet and re-adjusting and so on. Time for bed.

The next day- Awesome! I am ready to use my serger for something real! I get out fabric and cut it and was going to attempt to make a purse and then all of a sudden it isn't working right anymore. I take a closer look and somehow the thread has magically made its way out of one of the teeny tiny holes I was talking about that's so hard to thread. There is no gap, there is no way for thread to get out of that hole without the thread breaking... but it didn't break... what?! So I give up trying to figure it out and just re-thread it. Then I find out that I have to also re-thread the other bottom thread... ok.... I start to sew again... and just like that it's out again! WTF I take the thread out and re-thread all 4 this time. It's out again! I could not figure it out and called it a night.

I have since then begun to figure it out a little, but it's so difficult to re-thread without this little threaded tool thing that I only do it once and then switch back to the regular machine. So the whole story here is that you will NEED this threader thing that they claim is optional. It is sooooo not optional. Whoever decided it was must have had crazy long skinny needle-like fingernails or something.

Hopefully I will be getting my threader soon and can start cranking out some cool stuff. I really want to, I just can't face threading that thing over and over again. I've got to figure this out first (and get a stupid threader!).

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


So I got my serger finally last night from Hancock. I ordered it way back at the end of June (it feels like longer lol) when they had a sale on them but ran out of stock. For those that know what kinds are which, I got a Juno by Janome (3434D). I've used them before when I used to work at Hancock, and from the experience I've had with them, Janome is a really great brand, and as we all know brands can and do matter when it comes to sewing machines.

I went through the whole book and learned the names of the parts and how to change cutting knives and which needles do what and all that good stuff. Now if my sinuses would give me a break and stop making me sneeze 50 times a second I might get to sew something with it!

I'm sure there will be pics to come of things that I've made using it, I have a small list of projects that have been piling up waiting for it! lol

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Ok. So I was trying and getting into the crafty spirit again. I'm really trying to keep up with it, and it's not that I haven't been doing anything, but I had a craft-crash of sorts. First I need to vent a little and then I'll show the lame picture of something I made and what I'm working on.

I was going along full steam ahead and feeling quite crafty and creative and being productive. Then Tony got a call from a friend saying that this friends mom was renting out a small one bedroom house and we should go see it. Awesome! We don't even have to make calls or look up reviews to see if the people renting this are good or anything cos Tony knows them! We got excited and made an appointment to go see it.

We meet up at the house with this lady to see it, we're walking through and like it and tell her we'd like to go ahead with the background check and whatnot to start the process. So then we go outside and she's explaining that the other house that's on the property is rented by 2 college girls that are nice and usually the tenants take turns mowing the lawn. Then she turns straight to Tony and says "Maybe they'll make you cookies if you mow the whole yard though!" And there I am standing there like (Ummm hello? His fiance standing >right here<) I'm sure they're very nice girls, but seriously college girls are NOT going to be making cookies for my fiance. Then to top it off when Tony asks her if I should fill out a separate form for the background check and credit check and all that or just add my info next to his she says "Oh, well IF you two get married we'll work out the paperwork." Um... "IF?" I'm confused... very very confused at exactly who she thought I was or what my relationship is with Tony. Oh and when we give her the paper for just his background check she says "Ok, we'll get this started, but there is someone in line ahead of you." Wtf? She never said that when we were setting up an appointment to see it, so now we just spent one of Tony's few days off wasting our time to get all excited over getting our own place and you decided not to tell us that someone else already put in for the place? Just wow.

So now a week and a half later (I know for a fact that those background checks only take 2 days tops) she still hadn't called to tell us if we were getting the place. So I finally call today and no, she already gave it to the other person "Because I had to be fair since she saw it first." Then she got all nervous going on about how her son knows of some other place nearby or something. I ended the conversation with: "Well, thank you SO much for calling us back to let us know." She was just like "um, yeah... have a good day..." and I said "you too" back in that really awful obviously sarcastic way that you do to people that you don't really mean it but are being painfully polite so they'll know you don't really mean it.

I mean come on, who does that? Basically we were her "back up" in case this lady bailed and decided she didn't want it or just in case her background check didn't clear. You don't go getting people's hopes up that they can have a nice place at a great price when it's someone that you know personally. Then to top it off not even call them to tell them it's taken. Seriously, that was just plain awful of her and I hope that she knows it.

SOOO anyways. Here's a bunch of yarn that my mom sent me recently. Now I have so much yarn it's getting a little crazy lol. But in mom's defense I did say that she could send more (who is going to say "no I don't want more yarn?? pssh, you'd be crazy). I started trying out this: lengthwise knitted scarf which is what you see on the right. I know it does not look like a scarf right now. Actually, it may end up not being a scarf or it may end up being a stripey pieced scarf, I don't really know yet, I just wanted to try it.

The other thing you see in the picture is a pincushion that I made from here: star pincushion tutorial. The only thing I don't like about it is that for some reason it's like my needles are being sucked into it. Like I won't even use them for a day and they're jammed so far in I almost need tweezers or pliers to get them out, it's weird I don't know why it's doing this. Other than that I love it. It's big enough that I have free room so I can attempt to use it instead of putting a needle in my pants leg or in the bed (I am so bad about doing this and then jab myself or lose the needles and I'm trying really hard to break this habit) and I like how it's kind of sectioned so I can organize the needles by type.

There were a lot of people in the comments for that tutorial saying that it didn't come out right, and when I was putting mine together I see where they went wrong with theirs. It's when you put the top piece onto the bottom that you have to be careful of how you position it. If you line up the top and bottom shapes you will get the wrong shape, you want the top and bottom to be off centered of each other. I pinned mine first to make sure of how it was going to end up. Next time that I make one I'll be sure to take pictures of that step in particular and show what I mean better (I hope).

I've also been working on refinishing a wooden rocking chair. It was Tony's grandfather's chair and we picked it up a month or two ago. I've been working hard at getting the incredibly thick white paint off of it so we can stain it. Seriously I don't know who painted it last but omg this paint is like cement. First I tried to sand it off by hand, yeah took me all of 10 minutes to figure out this was not happening. Then his dad gave me the little electric sander... took me about 4 hours just to sand the arms of the chair. So then we battled and got paint stripper and used the power washer to get off as much paint as possible- WIN! lol. Now I'm doing some light sanding by hand to get the last tiny bits of paint off and prep it for stain. Its been quite a challenge but I think it's going to be really nice when it's done.

With that I think I'm done for this time. Trying to get myself back into creating, just kinda hit a wall with being so frustrated and disappointed with not getting this place and let myself fall into a rut. I'm hoping that this new yarn and the chair project finally wrapping up will get me going again.

Monday, August 02, 2010

crazy kitty and gardening

So this last weekend I worked on this crazy little pointy kitty guy:

This is where I found the pattern for him: pointy kitty pattern from this great site: wee wonderfuls site

I had a lot of fun poking around that site, there's lots of fun things to check out and great pics :)
I embroidered him a funny little mouth that I think fits him well, and had a couple great buttons for his eyes. Then after I attached the eyes I went over the thread with some green embroidery thread for that green cat eye effect, lol. And you can't really see it in the pictures, but I gave him little whiskers using some glittery thread that was 3-ply and seemed to fray exactly how cats' whiskers would look.

I also just finished those blue pillows that he's sitting on lol. Not that they're that much of a project but we needed them. King sized pillows do not work well on a futon bed :P

Other happenings this weekend included a couple quick garden pics. Here's the biggest watermelon!

I had to put a styrofoam plate behind it because it started growing so close to the fence that the fence was cutting into its skin. My mom gave me the idea to put something flat and sturdy to stop the fence from touching it and this is what I came up with. I just used some yarn to attach it to the fence. If I had to guess I would say it's probably a little over 5 pounds now. And for those wondering it is the Crimson Sweet variety. This is my first time growing watermelons and I'm getting quite excited for it to be ready!

And I had a surprise the other morning, one of the morning glories that I thought probably didn't make it produced a flower! :D yay! I'm hoping that it keeps going and makes a few more before the season is out.

That's it for now, I'm currently trying to scrounge up some more fabric for the zig zag quilt and probably going to be churning out a couple stuffed animals this week. I'm also trying to get some things stocked up to hopefully be selling on etsy soon!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

the amish puzzle ball

So I was looking around for pincushion patterns today. I recently was playing around with traditional biscornu patterns that I found here: Biscornu Basics

I liked those so I thought I'd try some other things and made my way to a flickr group that does a pincushion swap. There were a lot of really cute pictures to look through there, and then from one of those pages someone linked up this: Amish Puzzle Ball Pincushion

I scrolled down to see the finished product and knew immediately that I just had to make one (who am I kidding I'll probably have a whole army of those rolling around in a few days lol). Then I started reading and omg 36 of these little pieces to make it, phew!! (And as a side note it used roughly a 12" by 12" piece of fabric to cut all the pieces from)

I got to tracing and cutting, which I think took the longest part. Then I went ahead and stitched the little "footballs" as I kept calling them, together on the machine. Somehow I'm sure the Amish wouldn't have liked how much thread scraps were left over from doing this on the machine, but I'm also pretty sure that it would've taken me nearly a week to do this all by hand with how angry my shoulder would've been at me for doing that much hand sewing all at once.

Here's all my little "footballs" sewn together and ready to be flipped and stuffed:

And here they are all flipped, stuffed, and stitched up. Just that was more than enough hand sewing for me for one day!

Then I sewed them together at the points so I was down to 4 little football circles, lol.

Then they all got sewn together at the points! All done!

And I included that last one to give reference of it's size. It's pretty small, and my first pattern that I made I went by what the tutorial said, 2 inches tall by 1 inch wide at the middle. Well that seemed quite tiny and I knew that since I was going to do this one by machine, and how I am with leaving pretty big seam allowances that I made it a tiny big bigger. I would say I added about a 1/4 inch all the way around, and it still came out pretty small. I'd love to make my second one like they did in the tutorial with a different fabric for the inside pieces, it looks great. I'm also thinking of adding some buttons or beads to the joints of this one, I really like the look of it on the tutorial. And I could see this being a fun kids or baby toy if I used upholstery thread. Not that I think it isn't sturdy, but I know how kids like to yank at stuff, lol.

Next time I'll keep a better eye on how long it took me, but all in all it didn't take very long at all. I would consider it a good full afternoon project once you get the hang of it down. If you were doing it all by hand... probably a good weekend project. And like I noted on the top, the tutorial didn't specify how much fabric, but I measured after I drew out all the pieces and it was about a 12 inch by 12 inch square that it all took up for this size.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

baby blocks

So I made these last weekend that we're going to give to Tony's cousin who is having a baby girl very soon. They took nearly an entire day and my shoulder was pretty upset at me, but I was feeling pretty inspired to do them so I wanted to get them done while I was feeling it. I think they came out really great, and I'm probably going to make more.

I included just this one closeup because the others came out a little blurry and I didn't feel like taking more pics at the time. I'm either going to make little booties to match or a blankie.

So now I'm trying to figure out what I could do on boy themed blocks instead of the flowers. So far all I can think of is maybe a shooting star. Like I could put trails instead of the vine and put a star for the flower. That's all I came up with so far though.

Now I've been working on this: zig zag quilt I've never actually completed a quilt that I've started yet. But this seems pretty easy and I'm breezing through it right now, already 3 rows in and I just started it today. I'm using mostly old fabric that I've never known what to do with and some clothing that Tony and I don't plan on wearing again but that we like too much to throw out. So far it's blues, greens, black, and white, and I think one grey. I'm going to need to find a few more pieces to finish it though, and I'll definitely need to get something to cover the back... or... if I can manage to wrestle the black silky sheet away from the ferrets I could use that. But who knows, they've had it for quite a while now.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Something cute and a second (or third?) try at this

So I know I've just stopped all together on this blogging thing a few times now.... but I thought I'd give it another go. Sorry in advance if anyone gets interested and I suddenly just stop posting again, I had good intentions when I started this all but I guess my heart just hasn't been that into blogging as I thought I might be.


Here's this cute little fabric dollhouse I made as a present for one of our friends whose baby just turned 1 (Not sure what happened with the pics, I gotta figure out what photo editing tools this laptop has).

The little birthday girl liked it a lot, and was pulling out the little stuffed animals and checking them out right away. And a lot of the female adults who also sew a little seemed even more interested, lol. They passed it around and asked questions about it and one even took many pictures from all angles!

I checked out a tutorial that I found here: fabric doll house tutorial link She has quite a few fun little things that I might be giving a try in the near future. Then I did some google searching for fabric dollhouses and looked at some flickr groups dedicated to them to get some inspiration on what I might want to put for details and such.

But when we went to get the fabric the place we went to didn't have plastic canvas (which I still think is very weird to not have a crafting basic like that), so I got some of that really heavy Pellon interfacing, the iron on kind. Come to think of it I never tested if it's the double sided or not. My plans changed part way through the house and I didn't iron it at all, I just sewed the fabric onto it. But they make a kind that's one sided interfacing and another that's 2 sided. It's great stuff that you can make a lot with. I made a purse with it: chinese food box purse which was always a hit, and I'm thinking I might make another as it's time for another purse. And I don't think I have a picture of them, but you can make great fabric bowls with them too.

Well, it's just about time for the ferrets to have their soup so I think I'll get going. I'll have some pictures (hopefully better ones than the house) of some really really cute baby blocks I made this last weekend. I'm quite proud of them they're so very adorable lol.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Easy Recipes - Oven Fried Chicken

Well recently I was talking to my brother about cooking. He's just starting to really cook for himself and said that he keeps finding himself cooking the same things over and over again and wanted to try something new, but his cooking skills are still very beginner and a lot of recipes sound too hard. When I thought about it, most recipes aren't really that difficult, sometimes they just aren't worded in a way that beginner cooks can really understand.

So since I've been posting a lot of recipes anyways, I've decided to spend some time putting up some recipes that are written out in a way that anyone can feel confident making them. If you are a more advanced cook you can still enjoy these recipes, and I'll include a short version for those that want it at the end. Enjoy! :)

For our first recipe I decided to post Oven Fried Chicken. Craig asked for some easy chicken recipes, so the first few will probably be chicken related. Also, they will probably all feature the boneless, skinless chicken breasts since they're very versatile and easy to use. But feel free to substitute for other cuts of chicken. Bone-in chicken works great too, just be sure to adjust your cooking times (it will take longer since they're thicker) and to check that they're done before serving. So here we go!

Oven fried chicken

My mom gave me this recipe, and I especially love it because while I like fried chicken, I hate frying. Plus this leaves you plenty of time and oven burner space to make up mashed potatoes, stuffing or any other sides you want with it. This recipe is very flexible and you can change the spices to your taste, if you're feeling adventurous go for a more complex combination, or go simple if you aren't sure. Don't be afraid to experiment with it, you really can't go wrong!

(For 2 people I typically use 2 pieces of chicken)

1 egg
milk or water
butter, about 1/2 a stick
oil, like vegetable oil or olive oil

2 bowls
1 baking pan like a cake pan, something deep and wide enough to lay the chicken in

While your chicken is thawing you can make up the coatings for it. (To thaw it I put it in a bowl or plate and microwave on defrost for 5 mins, flip them over and put them in on defrost for 2-5 mins more, depending on how thawed they seem after the first 5)

Get 2 bowls and put about 1 cup of flour in one, you might need more if your pieces of chicken are large, add another 1/2 cup or so if they're big. You can always mix up more later, so don't worry.
You can add things to the flour like salt, pepper, other spices like oregano, chili powder, parsley are good too, really anything you like. If you have breadcrumbs, oatmeal (the plain kind), crackers that you can crush up, you can mix those into the flour too. Even things like cereal can be good on it. But if you don't have anything you can just put flour, salt and pepper and it's good like that too.

This batch I added some Ranch Seasoning to the flour mixture, it's really good and has a nice mix of flavors that are great for chicken already put together for you. A note when adding pre-mixed seasoning like this: always check the ingredients on them before adding salt to your food. Some pre-mixed seasonings have a lot of salt already in them and if you add your own salt it will be way too salty. You can always let people add their own salt at the table later on.

Now crack your egg into the second bowl and add a little milk or water to it, not a lot, just some like if you were making up eggs to cook or french toast batter. Beat the egg mixture with a whisk or fork. If you have hot sauce you can put a little in, it's pretty good with it and doesn't make it too spicy, but adds a nice flavor. You can also put spices in the egg batter if you want.
Get your baking pan out and the butter. Cut up your butter into small pieces or slices and put it in the bottom of the pan, you want to spread it out so it's not touching and kind of layers the bottom so your chicken won't stick.

Now's a good time to set your oven temperature at about 375*

Get your thawed chicken out and slice each piece in half the long way. If they're really big pieces you can cut them into thirds. Think of like the size of chicken strips, you want it like that.

Set up your counter so you can easily work with your chicken strips. I set mine up so the baking pan is on the left, then my two bowls one in front of the other, then my chicken on the other side. It makes it easier to work with your chicken if you set up everything before so you aren't jumbling it around with gross raw chicken hands lol.

Take one of your chicken strips and dip it in your flour mixture (only work with one strip at a time so it doesn't get too messy). Make sure it's coated on all sides.

Then dip it in your egg mixture. It might seem like the flour all came off, but that's ok. The flour helps the egg to stick to the chicken.

Now dip your chicken back in the flour and make sure it's completely coated. Now lay it flat in your pan, right on top of the butter pieces. Keep doing this with all the strips, try to make sure they aren't touching when you put them in the pan.

Your hands will probably get all clumpy and stuff from dipping the chicken back and forth, and that's ok, lol. It comes off easier if you use the dish sponge to scrub your hands. You can try using forks or only using one hand for wet and one for the dry ingredients, but you'll probably still get a lot on your hands, it happens.

Now that all your chicken is in the pan, pour some oil in so it comes up to the bottom of the strips. You don't need to to completely cover it, but you want enough so that it will fry the chicken. If it isn't going around the chicken, you can tilt the pan to spread it around more. You can't really go wrong with how much oil you use, just make sure it at least covers the bottom part and isn't so much that it goes way up on it.

Put it in the oven and let it bake for about 15-20 minutes. It should start to look a little brown, but not too dark yet. Flip each piece over, using tongs or forks, be very careful because the oil is very hot. Let them cook again for another 10-15 minutes, they should look nice and crispy and golden brown just like fried chicken strips. When they're done you can put them on paper towels to drain, but there shouldn't be too much oil left on them anyways, so I usually just plate them up and enjoy!

Oven Fried Chicken

(The short version)

1 egg
milk or water
butter, about 1/2 a stick

Preheat oven to 375*

Mix flour, spices (salt, pepper, oregano, chili powder), and any other toppings you may want. Bread crumbs, crushed crackers, oatmeal and even cereal taste great, experiment with different combinations.
Mix egg and milk or water in another bowl, add spices or hot sauce, whatever you think would compliment your flour mixture well.
Cut up and layer butter in your baking pan to lay chicken on.
Slice chicken into strips and dip into flour mixture, then egg mixture, then back into flour mixture.
Layer chicken in pan and pour in oil until it comes just up to the chicken.

Bake at 375* for 15-20 mins, and then flip, bake another 10-15 minutes, chicken should be golden brown.
Drain on paper towels, or place directly on plates and enjoy!