Friday, June 24, 2005

problems with pics

ok, i've been having issues with the place i've been uploading my pics to. i'll fix them asap, sorry.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

the fortune cookies are made! aka my fingers are melting!

ooooohhh man. well. i actually did make the fortune cookies.
here's what the first one looked like before cooking:

and after cooking:

then i made more:

and now they're all done:

this one i think is the best looking:

so now i'm taking a short break from cooking and cleaning because my fingers are so burnt. the recipie that suggested using cotton gloves when folding them wasn't joking around, i really would've liked to have those cotton gloves, and i'm sure my hands would've liked them too. so tomorrow we'll see how they taste. if they don't taste good, at least they're pretty! *<8D

Friday, June 17, 2005

too hot to handle

ugh, the hot weather seems to have stopped, finally. ok, so i guess it wasn't that hot, but since i'm on the second floor, it was much hotter. i got an air conditioner (for free), but it doesn't seem to be working that well (i'm thinking that's why it was free). so i think i'm still going to play with it for a while and see if it'll work better.
other than that there's not much happening. will be picking up nate from the airport on the 30th, and this monday i'll be making dinner for my dad for father's day. general chicken, fried rice, and fortune cookies if i get the gall to actually make them. it doesn't sound too hard, but we'll see. i'll try to post on sunday, since that's when i'll be attempting to make them, if they came out ok or not.
i absolutely love they have every recipe you could ever want, and there's usually a million versions of it. so you can go through and find one that sounds best. so we'll see how everything goes, i'm going to go try to think of fortunes now. maybe the internet can help me a little with them if i can't come up with anything clever. ;)

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

making chicken goodness

so a few days ago i made general (insert whichever you know: chings, tso, chow) chicken! it was really yummy. here's what it looked like after i fried it:

then i made the sauce and put the chilies in so when it was ready to eat it looked like this:

much yummyness ensued. this is where i got the recipe from if you'd like to try it! :D

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

the best laid plans...

oy. so it began the other day when i was all excited cos one of my huge hermits come out of molt. yay! but then i noticed he had mites on him. >:( so instead of washing dishes and showering and cleaning up the apartment, since people were coming over the next 2 days in a row, i spent my morning bathing a very angry crab and cleaning a tank. yippee.
today, i wanted to catch up on dishes from when people came over. i was feeling crafty and was going to start a sewing project first. i went to oil the joint on a pair of fabric scissors that was sticking, and i sliced my finger open. and not just a regular cut that i can put a band-aid on, i had to tape my finger to close the cut so it would stop gushing blood. so that's just great. now i have to wash dishes and get nice soapy water in a cut. :E grrr....
hopefully this funness will stop and i can get on with everything that i wanted to. maybe i should just stop planning what i want to do and just do it instead of thinking about it.