Wednesday, August 31, 2005


ugh, i feel like it's deja vu with work. it's like i picked up where i left off 5 years ago and it isn't good. i should've known that my manager being all buddy-buddy with me was just to lure me into a false sense of liking working there. ohhh yeah. i guess it's not all bad, but the hours are sucking, and i'm being piled with projects. and normally i wouldn't mind so much, cos projects mean free stuff, but i've got a few other things to do lately. that's why after the costume and the dress i'm not doing any more projects. but now i've kinda agreed to do an earring making class. which i feel a little weird about considering that they just hired a beading teacher and she's doing a braclet class soon, and i know she can make earrings. i guess it shouldn't be all that bad. i'm definitely only doing one.
time to go, more insanity for today! and a picture of muffins that i made just for you <3 they're banana. (and yes i forgot how many the recipe was going to there's a mountain of them)

Thursday, August 18, 2005

spam has grown to the most vile point ever

so i haven't been getting much spam lately in my emails, which is good. i've been careful to not put my email on anything, and took it out of my blog and such. but lately the evil spam gods created something far worse than normal. i've gotten two emails so far that say that some distant realtive of mine has recently died in a car accident, (and somehow they found out my real last name, which is strange cos i almost always fill out all of my forms with my name as Nica Ha :D) and that their company is worth 9.2mil or something and that it's now mine. those are just horrible horrible spams to send out. and now the most recent, i actually got spam in my comments on my blog! bah! now i've got to fix that. not cool. bad spam people, bad! boooooo!