Saturday, October 08, 2005

ahh! only one week left!

great, so there's only one week left until the move, and there's so much left to pack! :O not that i'm that surprised that not much is packed, but i guess it would've been nice if i had thought ahead and packed some stuff already. oh well. still haven't figured out how to pack up my plants :/ cos they take up too much room not to stack up somehow.

on a good note, the horrible jacket (i was making a blazer jacket for a display for work) is finally done. i hope to never see it again in my life, lol. kidding, it does look ok tho, but i'm never making another one again. ever. besides the fact that the pattern was awful, and some of the pieces didn't seem like they were really the right size, there were like a hundred pieces to put together. and this is exactly why i like to make my own patterns. i would never make a jacket quite that crazy. i'll try to take a pic of it to put up. i'm sure my mom would appreaciate it, since the jacket it for her. Ooo! since that's done i can go pack up the sewing machine and all it's stuff. hooray! and then the desk can be taken apart too. awesome. well now i'm gonna go and do that. yay!

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