Monday, October 03, 2005

lots of things again

well i haven't posted in forever, so there's lots of stuff that's going on. i'm going to be moving in a couple of weeks, the new place is nice and they have a garden! (it's funny that that's what i'm most excited about) i still don't have a job up there yet, which is a little scary, but i'm sure things will all work out. if i ever stop being lazy i'll put up a few pics that we took of the place, although maybe i'll wait until we move in, cos the guy who's stuff was there before is still there, which was weird. anywho, pics soon.

i'm very sad to report that Hermo, the betta fishee, got sick and didn't make it. i think it was a combination of stress and the temperature spiking too high that got him sick, and i didn't realize he was soon enough. :'( we all miss Hermo a lot.

i'm all done at work now, although i still have a project to finish :P i really shouldn't of agreed to make this jacket and dress, it's a little too much. i was wicked tired, and was trying to finish the jacket, and i messed up the collar so badly that i have to make a while new collar. grrrr.... other than that i have like a bagillion projects that i should get back really soon. i got the huggie bears back already, i'll take a pic of them and post it next time. they're adorable.

oh, and i got City of Heroes. good game. it's on online massive multiplayer. i'll have to take some more screen shots and put up a few. you get to customize your super hero, powers and all and go fight crime! team up with your super hero buddies, and kick butt together! it's a great game.

so i guess that's about it for now, hopefully i'll remember to post a little less sporadically. just haven't been remembering things like this lately. oh well. bbye!

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