Saturday, February 02, 2008

what i did over x-mas break.

First we went to go visit my parents in MA, I find it really funny that the winter there is much worse than here, but everyone still seems to think it's the other way around no matter what I say. The last few days that we were there there was a good amount of snow-fall, which was perfect for snowman building!

Here's my mom and I working on the garden-gnome snowman!

And here's Tony with the finished garden-gnome snowman :D

It was a lot of fun, we brought our Wii and had a great time playing the sports games on that with everyone. We even got my mom playing, who isn't big on video games. I'll probably have a recipe up soon again, my mom made this awesome thing that she saw on Paula Dean's show. We have no idea what the name of it is, but omg it's delicious. It's a breakfast food that you will want all the time it's so amazing.

After x-mas at my parents, we then went to Tony's parents in TX, so we got a couple weeks to warm up really good before coming back to cold MN, lol.

Here's a couple of my fav pics that I took while we were there:

We had a lot of fun visiting everyone, although I am glad to be back with the ferrets, I did miss them a lot. And Minou had finally put on her winter coat and weight while we were away, so we came back to this big belly, lol!