Monday, July 26, 2010

Something cute and a second (or third?) try at this

So I know I've just stopped all together on this blogging thing a few times now.... but I thought I'd give it another go. Sorry in advance if anyone gets interested and I suddenly just stop posting again, I had good intentions when I started this all but I guess my heart just hasn't been that into blogging as I thought I might be.


Here's this cute little fabric dollhouse I made as a present for one of our friends whose baby just turned 1 (Not sure what happened with the pics, I gotta figure out what photo editing tools this laptop has).

The little birthday girl liked it a lot, and was pulling out the little stuffed animals and checking them out right away. And a lot of the female adults who also sew a little seemed even more interested, lol. They passed it around and asked questions about it and one even took many pictures from all angles!

I checked out a tutorial that I found here: fabric doll house tutorial link She has quite a few fun little things that I might be giving a try in the near future. Then I did some google searching for fabric dollhouses and looked at some flickr groups dedicated to them to get some inspiration on what I might want to put for details and such.

But when we went to get the fabric the place we went to didn't have plastic canvas (which I still think is very weird to not have a crafting basic like that), so I got some of that really heavy Pellon interfacing, the iron on kind. Come to think of it I never tested if it's the double sided or not. My plans changed part way through the house and I didn't iron it at all, I just sewed the fabric onto it. But they make a kind that's one sided interfacing and another that's 2 sided. It's great stuff that you can make a lot with. I made a purse with it: chinese food box purse which was always a hit, and I'm thinking I might make another as it's time for another purse. And I don't think I have a picture of them, but you can make great fabric bowls with them too.

Well, it's just about time for the ferrets to have their soup so I think I'll get going. I'll have some pictures (hopefully better ones than the house) of some really really cute baby blocks I made this last weekend. I'm quite proud of them they're so very adorable lol.

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