Thursday, August 12, 2010


Ok. So I was trying and getting into the crafty spirit again. I'm really trying to keep up with it, and it's not that I haven't been doing anything, but I had a craft-crash of sorts. First I need to vent a little and then I'll show the lame picture of something I made and what I'm working on.

I was going along full steam ahead and feeling quite crafty and creative and being productive. Then Tony got a call from a friend saying that this friends mom was renting out a small one bedroom house and we should go see it. Awesome! We don't even have to make calls or look up reviews to see if the people renting this are good or anything cos Tony knows them! We got excited and made an appointment to go see it.

We meet up at the house with this lady to see it, we're walking through and like it and tell her we'd like to go ahead with the background check and whatnot to start the process. So then we go outside and she's explaining that the other house that's on the property is rented by 2 college girls that are nice and usually the tenants take turns mowing the lawn. Then she turns straight to Tony and says "Maybe they'll make you cookies if you mow the whole yard though!" And there I am standing there like (Ummm hello? His fiance standing >right here<) I'm sure they're very nice girls, but seriously college girls are NOT going to be making cookies for my fiance. Then to top it off when Tony asks her if I should fill out a separate form for the background check and credit check and all that or just add my info next to his she says "Oh, well IF you two get married we'll work out the paperwork." Um... "IF?" I'm confused... very very confused at exactly who she thought I was or what my relationship is with Tony. Oh and when we give her the paper for just his background check she says "Ok, we'll get this started, but there is someone in line ahead of you." Wtf? She never said that when we were setting up an appointment to see it, so now we just spent one of Tony's few days off wasting our time to get all excited over getting our own place and you decided not to tell us that someone else already put in for the place? Just wow.

So now a week and a half later (I know for a fact that those background checks only take 2 days tops) she still hadn't called to tell us if we were getting the place. So I finally call today and no, she already gave it to the other person "Because I had to be fair since she saw it first." Then she got all nervous going on about how her son knows of some other place nearby or something. I ended the conversation with: "Well, thank you SO much for calling us back to let us know." She was just like "um, yeah... have a good day..." and I said "you too" back in that really awful obviously sarcastic way that you do to people that you don't really mean it but are being painfully polite so they'll know you don't really mean it.

I mean come on, who does that? Basically we were her "back up" in case this lady bailed and decided she didn't want it or just in case her background check didn't clear. You don't go getting people's hopes up that they can have a nice place at a great price when it's someone that you know personally. Then to top it off not even call them to tell them it's taken. Seriously, that was just plain awful of her and I hope that she knows it.

SOOO anyways. Here's a bunch of yarn that my mom sent me recently. Now I have so much yarn it's getting a little crazy lol. But in mom's defense I did say that she could send more (who is going to say "no I don't want more yarn?? pssh, you'd be crazy). I started trying out this: lengthwise knitted scarf which is what you see on the right. I know it does not look like a scarf right now. Actually, it may end up not being a scarf or it may end up being a stripey pieced scarf, I don't really know yet, I just wanted to try it.

The other thing you see in the picture is a pincushion that I made from here: star pincushion tutorial. The only thing I don't like about it is that for some reason it's like my needles are being sucked into it. Like I won't even use them for a day and they're jammed so far in I almost need tweezers or pliers to get them out, it's weird I don't know why it's doing this. Other than that I love it. It's big enough that I have free room so I can attempt to use it instead of putting a needle in my pants leg or in the bed (I am so bad about doing this and then jab myself or lose the needles and I'm trying really hard to break this habit) and I like how it's kind of sectioned so I can organize the needles by type.

There were a lot of people in the comments for that tutorial saying that it didn't come out right, and when I was putting mine together I see where they went wrong with theirs. It's when you put the top piece onto the bottom that you have to be careful of how you position it. If you line up the top and bottom shapes you will get the wrong shape, you want the top and bottom to be off centered of each other. I pinned mine first to make sure of how it was going to end up. Next time that I make one I'll be sure to take pictures of that step in particular and show what I mean better (I hope).

I've also been working on refinishing a wooden rocking chair. It was Tony's grandfather's chair and we picked it up a month or two ago. I've been working hard at getting the incredibly thick white paint off of it so we can stain it. Seriously I don't know who painted it last but omg this paint is like cement. First I tried to sand it off by hand, yeah took me all of 10 minutes to figure out this was not happening. Then his dad gave me the little electric sander... took me about 4 hours just to sand the arms of the chair. So then we battled and got paint stripper and used the power washer to get off as much paint as possible- WIN! lol. Now I'm doing some light sanding by hand to get the last tiny bits of paint off and prep it for stain. Its been quite a challenge but I think it's going to be really nice when it's done.

With that I think I'm done for this time. Trying to get myself back into creating, just kinda hit a wall with being so frustrated and disappointed with not getting this place and let myself fall into a rut. I'm hoping that this new yarn and the chair project finally wrapping up will get me going again.

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