Tuesday, September 07, 2010

:( no peach jelly

I was saving up all my vine peaches and the couple left over peaches we got in July to make some jelly with. It was going good, tasting delicious, and I strained it and put it back on the burner for one last boil to thicken it up. Took the dogs outside and checked the mail, and by the time I got back in the house it was burnt beyond saving :(

I'm totally bummed over it, it was the whole harvest of vine peaches. Now I'll have to wait until next year. I'm trying to convince myself to sew something to cheer myself up. I got some new fabric and this nifty little thing this last weekend.

SideWinder bobbin winder

Tony convinced me to get it because Hancock Fabrics had it on sale during their Labor Day sale. I had been eyeing it before, and I'm glad that he talked me into it. It's a pretty handy little thing, I went ahead and loaded up all but one of my bobbins with the new thread I got (was running out of most colors for awhile). It's really quick and easy to use, definitely happy with it.

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