Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Just for Maggs

 Here are all the directions with pictures for the dutch oven bread. Saved forevers on my blogger, just for you.

dutch oven bread recipe on buzzfeed

about 4 cups of flour
2 cups of warm water
1 packet of yeast
sprinkle of salt

Here is the yeast proofing in 2 cups of warm water, with just a pinch of sugar on top. The water should be nice and warm to the touch, but not hot. If it's too hot to stick your fingers in, it's too hot for the yeast. Cover it up so a cold draft won't upset the top of it.

This is after about 5 minutes. You can start to see the froth on top, and it has risen a little bit. Small bubbles should be visible.

This is the yeast after 10 minutes. Noticeably risen, very frothy, and lots of bubbles coming up. If your yeast doesn't look like this, it either isn't any good, or your water was much too hot and it is not going to be able to go to work in your bread. Either give it another try with new yeast and water at the right temp, or toss it out.

Put in all but about 1 cup of the flour into your bowl (I used a large tupperware because all my bowls were dirty- lol). I also added the salt. Stir in your proofed yeast mixture, then add more flour until it is a nice dough. 

Here it is, all mixed up and ready for it's first rise. Don't forget to cover it up with plastic wrap or a kitchen towel for each rise. I also put mine in the oven to rise so it doesn't get messed around with at all.

After the first rise.

Punched down and folded over a few times with some extra flour and ready for the second rise.

After the second rise.

Rolled into a ball, the bottom gathered together, oil in the bowl.

Formed into a loaf, oiled and rising while the oven heats up (with the pan in it).

Risen and ready to go into the oven (I only put my oven at 400* for it, instead of the 450* that the recipe called for). Carefully scoop it up and put it into the hot pan.

In the hot  pan and ready to go into the oven!

After about 35-40 minutes, ready to take the top off so it can brown up.

After browning up, I don't let it get too dark because we like to toast it, which makes it even more crunchy. NOM!