Saturday, September 10, 2005

ohmygod insanity

ok, this has been easily, the longest day ever. work was horrible. i was working with possibly the two slowest people on the face of the earth all day long (well, 9:30am - 6:30pm). so when it gets busy, not only am i ringing up people, but i'm also running to the fabric table to cut for people too. so i started paying attention to how many people i was cutting for and ringing compared to how many they were. i would cut fabric for two customers, and then ring out 4 in the time it took them to cut the same amount of fabric for one. i just couldn't believe it. so i counted again, and yeah, for every 4 people i rang out, 2 were those that i cut for. arg. hopefully i won't be stuck with them ever again all day. i guess it wouldn't be so bad if they actually were capable of doing things at a normal pace, or didn't need things explained 50 times before they got it (ok, so 50 times is a little unfair, but 5 times is still too many to explain where a certain sign goes). and i like these people, they're nice, but man do i not enjoy working with them. like the 40% off coupons, they're not supposed to just be given away. people have to sign up to use them, and they can only use one, once. but nooo. they were letting people use 2 or 3 of them, as long as they rung them up separate. i guess there's really no way to track it, but you could get into a bit of trouble for allowing people to do that i bet. companies do not like giving stuff away.

yeah, so then i get back to the apartment. and my brother and his girlfriend were coming over tonight for dinner. so i was supposed to have a nice meatloaf cooking in the crock pot. but i guess the little tester button popped before, and i don't use that outlet a lot, so i forgot to check. so no meatlof, cos it didn't cook. raw hamburg sitting there since 9 this morning, yum! so we ordered a pizza. oh well. guess that's just how today's going. hopefully it'll get better, really soon. like now.

on a plus note, things are getting cleaned up and starting to get packed away over here. so hopefully it won't be as bad as i'm expecting when we go to move. i gotta start calling places figuring things out. ahh! too many things to do!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

hermo, the well traveled fishiee

well recently Jenn-A and Matthew moved to CA, and i have adopted Hermo, a betta fish, for the time being. he's probably traveled more than i ever will, and he's just a tiny fish. he started out in CA when Jenn was out there on an internship. he came back to MA where he traveled back and forth from Worchester and Springfield while Jenn was at school. then he lived in Springfield for quite a while. and he might make another few moves yet. when Jenn-A comes back to visit, or when i go out there to visit (whichever happens first) Hermo will most likely go back to CA. well enough of all this, here's Hermo!