Tuesday, August 17, 2010


So I got my serger finally last night from Hancock. I ordered it way back at the end of June (it feels like longer lol) when they had a sale on them but ran out of stock. For those that know what kinds are which, I got a Juno by Janome (3434D). I've used them before when I used to work at Hancock, and from the experience I've had with them, Janome is a really great brand, and as we all know brands can and do matter when it comes to sewing machines.

I went through the whole book and learned the names of the parts and how to change cutting knives and which needles do what and all that good stuff. Now if my sinuses would give me a break and stop making me sneeze 50 times a second I might get to sew something with it!

I'm sure there will be pics to come of things that I've made using it, I have a small list of projects that have been piling up waiting for it! lol

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